Friday, June 17, 2011

truly the Best Dowh!

Day by day...week by week...month by month..year by year..
the memory getting low..
the prosessor getting slow..
now i know im getting Old.. OMG my mind please accept this fact!

100 pixel can tell the true colour of the story... its true??
why dont i give this pixel to tell my story there...
because i have no word can disbribe..
No! im not forget la..
for God! only this story back in my mind..
even im already Old~


La Ilaha ilaAllah

1 of 94 doors of haram

masjidil haram

view from the apartment

Kaabah in day

Kaabah in night

more closer

after the tawaf with innocent face :~

kaabah from level 2 of haram



ily my danial baby..

umrah trip in memories..
15 march 2011 -  27 march 2011

p/s : to my beloved and dearest boss, En Abdul Malik Bin Abdul Jalil...i thank you for this trip..

nota kaki : hampir terlupa aku pada yg nyata..di sana segalanya aku serahkan dgn segala penghambaan..sampai ada saat aku redha jika nyawa ku di mahukan..namun aku masih di sini..kerana aku yakin ada peluang ke 2 ke 3 dan byk lg peluang aku utk ke rumah Allah..amin~

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